Tuesday, September 29, 2009

midnight jack advice

Randy shared this little story from last night with Jack this morning. I guess it all happened while I was asleep on the couch.

11:30 Jack walks down the stairs
Jack: (whispering) Hey Dad are you down there?
Randy: Yeah buddy, what's going on?
Jack: Um Dad would please get me a glass of water?
Randy: Sure buddy
Jack: Dad, what time is it?
Randy: It's late, it's 11:30
Jack: Dad, maybe you should think about getting to bed.
Randy: Thanks buddy, I'll go soon. Can I help you to bed?
Jack: Sure Dad, thanks for the water.

I really wish I would have overhead that sweet little conversation. Randy howev did not go to bed until 2:40 when I woke up on the couch and wondered what time it is. Silly software developing husbands.

new direction

I've focused most of this blog on Jack, as that has been the direction my life has taken me over the last years. It's honestly been easier putting my son and husband first, so I wouldn't have to work on myself. There were a lot of well intended excuses but no more excuses, I have started making changes. I'm not sure when it happened but through the summer I found myself pushing to do things I never would have done before, there would have been an excuse in it's place. I've been much happier, much more at ease with myself. I think I needed the time to redefine myself - once again and to figure a few things out. I took a large leap this week and put myself out there.

I decided to work on the weight thing, it has really bothered me for years. I would have small successes and then gain everything back and then some, but this time I am doing it right. I have joined a weight management program offered through our health insurance and gym. The program is medically supervised and has had great success, needless to say I am excited that I have made the steps to start. Now that the appointments are all scheduled I just need to show up and do the work. And we all know that I am never late and hate cancelling appointments.

This weekend I started something new, I started a food journal to track what I eat throughout the day. So far so good, who wants to really write down that Friday they had a bad day and ate 20 chocolate almond clusters without even knowing it? I've noticed now that I am on day four and I have stuck to my meal plans that I really am not craving stuff at night any longer.

I will still post little anecdotes about Jack and our days with him, but to keep myself on track I will also be sharing about my progress and inevitable roadblocks and how I get around them.

Two of our meals from this weekend. Mini breakfast frittatas with 1/2 a whole wheat english muffin, 1/4 of a peach with greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey. Sunday night we had these cold sesame noodles with sugar snap peas.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Jack starts soccer tomorrow. This weekend we had to pick up all the stuff he needed to play; shin guards, soccer socks, soccer cleats & well athletic clothes (see this post). I really thought we were past all of the super cute parts of raising a little boy until I saw him running around the park in his shin guards and cleats practicing with Randy.

He is so excited for Randy to come to a game. We were walking out to the car yesterday and we had this little conversation:
Jack: Mom, when is my first game?
Me: Well, you have a practice this Tuesday then you have a game every Tuesday after that.
Jack: (Turns around pulling his arms towards him making a yes! sound) Sweet Mom, Dad HAS to come to that one, it's my first game, he's gonna come right?
Me: I'm pretty sure he's planning on it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lunch Account Debable

When your 6 year old offers to pay for the mistake he made with his lunch account, is that when you know you are doing a good job or maybe sometimes take things a little far? It went down like this:

2 days ago:
Note comes home in the folder from school saying Jack's lunch account balance is running low. I also received an email from the online payment system informing me of the low balance. I think to myself, that's odd, he started out the school year with enough money for a month of lunches and he has been taking home lunch 2 times a week.

Yesterday, at the bus stop:
Eash: I think there must be a mistake with Aravind's lunch account, I got the notice home from school saying his account was low and I checked and he has been being charged for breakfast.
Me: Really, that's weird I got the notice too and I know I sent enough money for a month of lunches and Jack has been taking home lunch a few times a week.
Eash: Well Aravind did say he had breakfast a few times with Jack at school in the morning.
Me: Oh Really... (light bulbs and flashes going off in my head - OMG my son is the breakfast buying ring leader)

At this point we reach the part of the walk home where we separate & Jack went with Aravind to play at his house. I get home and log into the online payment system and OMG there are charges for 12 breakfasts on his account. Instantly I think there must be a mistake and almost pick up the phone to call the school, instead I hastily draft an email to his teacher to ask if she keeps records of who is taking lunch on what days and if she has a way of knowing if he really ate breakfast. Then I take a breath, re-read the email and discard it. That would have been one
crazy-mom-in-a-tail-spin sounding email if I would have sent it. Decide the best course of action is to ask Jack about it when I pick him up.

An hour later, walking through the park on the way home:
Me: Jack I have something to talk to you about and I want you to be honest with me.
Jack: (very sullen sounding) OK
Me: Jack, do you have something to tell me about your lunch account? And keep in mind I can log in and look at what you are buying.
Jack: I have been getting breakfast at school.
Me: (OMG! he was just honest with me - OMG!) Jack, you do know how your father and I feel about that right?
Jack: (even more sullen if possible - well this is Seattle, but it was a very sunny day) Big sigh, Yes.
Me: Why are you getting breakfast at school?
Jack: Because they have bagels with ham and melty cheese and they are really good Mom.
Me: Is this why you haven't been finishing your breakfast at home before the bus?
Jack: Yeah, and I'm just not hungry that early, but I get hungry when I get to school.
Me: What do you think we should do about this?
Jack: I think I should pay you back for the breakfasts.
Me: (Not sure what to say & a little confused as this whole conversation took place without any screaming or eye rolling & OMG! he just offered to pay for his lunch, my heart swells with joy and I just want to hug him, but keep up the bad cop act) Well for now you are just going to have to tell your dad about it when he gets home tonight.
Jack: (barely an audible whisper, head hanging down) OK

I guess I am a little concerned that he kept this from us for 12 days (OMG 12 days!) and was smart enough to just omit that from his daily conversations with us, I ask him what he eats for lunch everyday. Also he knew that we didn't want him eating breakfast at school and was doing it everyday for 12 days (OMG! 12 days!). Ahh! I know it's just breakfast, but it could also *just* be something else. The issue is that we have a very smart 6 year old on our hands that may possibly have learned something he shouldn't have learned for awhile. On the other hand, here is a 6 year old little boy that when confronted thought he should pay for the mistake with his own money. Are we too hard on him? I don't know, I do know it is a fine line between being just right and being too hard.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

man dude date

Yes I know it has been forever since my last post. I feel like summer completely blew by us, but it was a blast. Jack and I had lots of fun visiting our family and exploring ND together. Jack is getting settled into the new school year and is loving his new teacher.

Yesterday Jack and Randy had a mini man dude date day. I spent the afternoon and evening hanging out in Seattle with some old friends from high school. Randy really seized the opportunity to get some good time in with Jack and even planned a little surprise in the middle of all of their events for the day. Lunch at Wendy's, swimming at the apartment complex pool (Randy got a leg cramp in the deep end - Jack nearly smoked him in a race), cooking dinner - just for men stir fry, games at chuckee cheese (that was the surprise), a trip to DQ and an impromptu stop at the park to watch a soccer match. I asked Jack if they missed me yesterday and he said, "Mom, we were too busy to even think about you."