Friday, August 29, 2008

Family Night

A long standing Tidd family tradition returned to our house tonight. A few years ago we started having family night on friday nights at our house. It usually involved pasta or pizza and a movie or playing games. Tonight it was deep dish pizza and Wii games. Because it had been so long since we have had a real family night, Jack and I felt we had to do something to spice it up. We made a trip to Party City and got some funny decorations and sunglasses to wear.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kindergarten Orientation

Today was it. I took Jack to Orientation for Kindergarten this afternoon at his new school. I think we were both a little nervous. Jack not knowing what to expect at all, me expecting that I would have more snotty mommies to deal with and try to be nice to. I think we were both pleasantly surprised when we arrived to find another mommy + daughter duo that were very friendly to talk to while we were waiting. Dominique was the little girls name and I did not get the mom's name.

The school is laid out in pod/cluster style rooms, his room has two rooms in it-- there are two kindergarten classes this year and they will add a 3rd if more students enroll. We met lots of the other kids all of them seemed pretty nice and I think Jack will get along fine. We got our list of school supplies to bring on the first day. This year the kids will be sharing all the supplies to build a sense of community in the classroom. Hmm, I guess somethings have changed since I was in kindergarten.

The teachers seemed very nice, both around my age.
Monday we take Jack to school at 8am. I wonder if will survive the day without staying all day long. I did sign up to volunteer in the class and for field trips and I am considering the PTA... I need something to keep me busy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jack Wisdom

Last week in Klamath one morning I was talking to Jack about him starting school. Basically I was lamenting that I would be lonely without him around to keep my company all day. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Jack I don't want school to start yet, I'm going to be lonely without my little buddy.
Jack: Mom, I'm only going to be gone half a day, I'll be there in the afternoon.
Me: Oh I know, but I will still be lonely.
Jack: Mom, you could get a job you know with Dad at Microsoft, then you won't be lonely.
Me: But if I get a job, who will pick you up from school.
Jack: Mom, I am gonna ride the bus, I can just unlock the door and go inside.
Me: You can't be home alone, what if something happens.
Jack: Mom, what could happen? I will go inside, lock the door behind me and watch TV till you get home.
Me: flabergasted with look of shock on my face-- I just hugged him, what else could you do with that line of reasoning.


Otherwise known as the day my guy got signed up for Kindergarten.

Yesterday we took Jack to his school, Ardmore Elementary, to sign up for Kindergarten. I had really thought we were going to do half day, then I looked at the lesson plans... the half day kids get basically introduction to reading and learning numbers and letters-tied in with art once a week and PE & music class. The full day kids get exposed to science and math and more art, music and PE. So we decided to do full day. The half day instructional period was only 2 hrs and 40 minutes as well--so it didn't really seem worth it. It looks like they also mix in some of the advanced Kindergartners with the first grade class. Since Jack can basically read and add and subtract, I am hoping he is one of those kids.

Jack has been nervous all summer, saying he doesn't like school and doesn't want to go, well after seeing the school yesterday he is excited. We took him to see the play equipment and he was happy with what they had. He is really looking forward to riding the bus to and from school. Which I do not know if I am ready for, at all. It seems so grown up of him to be doing.

My little guy is growing up. Thursday was have an orientation from 1-3 to meet the teacher and see the room. That should be fun.

Ohh last night we found a really great neighborhood pizza place, its NY style pizza and they have some arcade games from the 60's and 70's in the restaurant. It was awesome food too.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The unpacking continues

Jack and I have been working everyday getting unpacked. This afternoon we worked on cleaning his room up. This weekend he unpacked the remaining boxes in his room and scattered the contents about his room. This afternoon I suddenly understood the crazy my mom must have felt when Sarah and I were little and we would not keep a clean room. I sat in Jack's room and directed/guided him in cleaning-- we also did a good bit of clean out at the same time.

Lately Randy and I have been to work with Jack on his frustration level and how he seems to be overly afraid to do certain things. Especially anything involving heights or hanging on/off anything. There is a park that I have been taking Jack to in our new neighborhood that has been helping a lot with that, the Grass Lawn Park Tonight we went again and he is doing really well, climbing up lots of stuff and going across the rope walk. We were pretty proud. Here are some pictures:

Jack climbed up into this basket, it took some doing, but he got in there on his own.

Jack going across the rope walk

Jack climbing up to the big slide

Jack and I at the park :)

Jack's favorite things for today:
1. going down the big slide at the park
2. going across the rope bridge at the park
3. playing original mario brothers on dad's old nintendo

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting Settled in, still

We are still sifting through the boxes but are mostly unpacked. I need to get some pictures of Jack's room, it is looking pretty cool. I have the living room and kitchen mostly together, we are working on our bedroom and bathroom. The problem is that there is really no place to put anything, so I am kind of figuring things out.

Jack started his second session of swimming lessons on Monday and is doing really well. I am trying to take advantage of the nice sunny weather by taking him to the pool in the apartment to reinforce what he is learning. He likes his new teacher, it helps her name is Sarah.

Here are some shots of today's lesson: