Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i had my weekly meeting with my dietitian this morning. there is something refreshing knowing that i am going to meet with her every tuesday at 8:30 and see my progress for the week. this week was another 3lb loss (yay me!!) a few more weekly sessions and i should be very close to my mid-way goal. i look back on these last few months and i can't believe:

1. that i am actually doing this and
2. that it is actually working

since starting i have stuck with what my trainer and dietitian have asked me to do and you know what, the weight is coming off. i always thought i was one of those people that was going to be overweight the rest of her life. but i now see that this is not going to be something that drags me down the rest of my life.

today my dietitian extended an offer from the dr who directs the program; he wants to extend my program by an additional 2 weeks because, well basically because they like me best. :) ha, no it is because i have followed the program and have had success. however to get the 2 weeks i have to follow the meal plan from week 2 - which is basically lean protein, veggies and their protein shakes. no biggie right? i am so willing to try, it will be a fun experiment don't you think? so goodbye fruit, goodbye greek yogurt, goodbye grilled artichoke dip and goodbye hummus. see you in a week from now.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

i'm cool again

i no longer have a cuddly little boy, i am suddenly very unsure of what to do with my own son on most days. i will be the first to admit it, we are too much alike. i feel the inevitable is starting and he is starting to forge his Independence from us and while i know this has to happen, i miss my little guy. the little guy who was so excited about new things, the little guy who thought i was the coolest. this week, i managed to get back into the cool place, even if it is for just a few weeks.

wednesday is jack's early release day from school and it actually was kind of warm and NOT RAINING. i decided that i would walk him home from school and throw his new basketball in the car and we would go shoot some hoops together. after the initial resistance period that now sets in, he realized that this could end up being fun and certainly better then cleaning his room. we played for about half an hour, i got a few shots in and re-cemented my former cool status. i discovered something while we were playing together - this is how i have to communicate with my son now. i can't cuddle with him on the couch, i can't try to coddle him... i have to let him be 7 going on 10 and i have to remember how to be a kid again and let go of some of the mom hangups.

this weekend i tested the theory out again. both days were gorgeous, no rain, almost 50 and mother and son - got along well for the first time in months.

Friday, January 1, 2010

goodbye 2009 hello 2010

a little year in review:

i think we all accomplished a lot this year. my sister surprised me with a visit in feb for our birthdays (best surprise ever) jack grew leaps and bounds, in looking back at some of his pictures from last winter, i can't believe he is the same kid. i don't think i could have got a better kid, seriously. i took some time for me, learned a lot, remembered how strong i am and did something i had been wanting to do for years. so i am starting 2010 61 lbs lighter and 31 inches slimmer which just so happens to be what jack weighs right now. i am excited for the coming year, i can't wait to see what will happen and i hope all of your lives will be filled with blessings and joy.