Thursday, September 23, 2010


i sit here at a crossroads. i realized last night that i have achieved what i set out to do with my weight loss. even the little tiny things in the back of my head that i thought would be nice, but didn't think i would get there.

as of yesterday morning i am no longer in the obese category on the bmi index. i am happily and proudly overweight. in 16 months i have lost 115lbs (that i am aware of) and shaved 20.3 pts of my bmi. looking back i can't believe the way i allowed myself to live for all those years. i still haven't totally figured out how i got there outside of several years of eating too much and not exercising and not putting myself first. what can i say, i am a mom and a wife and sometimes it's difficult to put yourself ahead of your loved ones and take the time you need for yourself.

here are the scary details:
starting weight: 282
current weight: 167
starting bmi: 49.9 (dudes that is almost half my previous body)
current bmi: 29.6

here is what i hope to accomplish in the next 6 months:
shave 8 minutes off of my current 5k time, getting me under 30 minutes.
run kirkland 12k's of christmas
run half marathon in march for my birthday
take the photography class i have been putting off
teach myself to quilt