Thursday, July 9, 2009

it's happening

All too soon our little guy has gone from a fun little kid who needed us to this independent miniature man person. I don't know if other mothers of 6 year olds have experienced this before (sometimes I feel like the only one), but man, I have been doing a lot of smiling lately because the things that come out of his mouth just surprise the bejesus out of me.

Here is a snippet of a conversation with Randy yesterday:
Scene: Swimming lessons, Randy and I were engaged in a light conversation with another mother. Her son is in Jack's class and we were talking about the normal what school do you go to, what do you do business when she mentioned she was sending her son into the locker room to change on his own for the first time. As she seemed pretty worried, I told her Jack has been doing it all summer and has been fine. Granted the first time I was a little worried - but all has been well. Other mom seemed a little more relaxed about the fact that Jack would be in there too, but she was still pretty worried.

Randy (on the sly): Hey Jack will you help Ethan out in there and keep an eye on him, it's his first time, he needs to know where to go to change.
Jack: Sure Dad

5 minutes later Jack exits the bathroom sans Ethan and other mom looks SUPER worried.

Randy: Hey Jack where's Ethan?
Jack: Uhh, in there changing, I guess
Randy: You weren't with him
Jack: No Dad (accompanied with a huge look that conveyed um what the hell Dad - duh dudes don't talk in the locker room and it's every man for himself in there)
Other mom is practically doing paces thinking it is about time to call 911
Me: Hey Jack can you go in and tell Ethan his Mom is waiting for him?
Jack: I suppose (one eyebrow raised, still thinking what the hell is going on)
Other Mom: Hey little buddy I would really appreciate it (in her I'm talking to a little kid now voice)
Jack: OK

...this is nearly an everyday occurrence now. Jack is definitely growing up. I can't say that sometimes I wish he needed me for a few more things, but honestly him being so independent is probably a good thing.