Friday, March 26, 2010

just average

and very happy to be there. i realized this morning while chatting with randy, i've reached the average american woman's size. i am officially in size 14 jeans as i'm typing this and part of me thinks i might have been able to pull off a 12, i mean who needs to breathe right? lets remember i grew up in the early 90's and if you didn't have to lay down on your bed to put on your still damp guess jeans, your jeans were too big. (my parents never let us wear anything that tight - but i had friends in jr high that sure did)

a year ago

and this wednesday on my way out the door - literally running to the gym

in hindsight i am kind of regretting my "just the face" policy on picture taking these last few years. it was really hard finding a picture of me in the last year that actually illustrated how far i have come.

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Kathy said...

Just incredible!! You look so happy, so proud of you.